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Indo-US Primate Project (July 1994 - July 2001)
Field Study in Asia
Location of Site: INDIA

Director: Arun Srivastava (Scientist-in-charge)
34 Rajmata Ka Nohra, Bikaner, Rajasthan 334001 INDIA
Department: Indo-US Primate Project

Sponsoring Institution(s): US Fish & Wildlife Service & Min. of Environment, Govt. of India

Research Objectives: Status and distribution survey of primates of northeast India and Study ecology and behaviour to help in Conservation of primates

Field Positions and Volunteers: Research Scientist; Research Associate; Junior research Fellow; Project Assistant; Field Assistant; Two training program every year for Master degree students, NGO workers and for forest department personnel

Species Studied: Hoolock hoolock (western hoolock gibbon), Macaca arctoides (stump-tailed macaque), Macaca assamensis (Assamese macaque), Macaca mulatta (rhesus macaque), Macaca nemestrina (pigtail macaque), Nycticebus coucang (slow loris), Trachypithecus geei (golden langur), Trachypithecus phayrei (Phayre's leaf monkey), Trachypithecus pileatus (capped langur)

Last Updated: 2006-04-19

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