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Asociación Colombiana de Primatología (Established 2004)
Professional Society
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Phone: 57 1 6167945   Fax: 57 1 2369294   E-Mail:
Cra 15 No 94-69 Local 4, Bogota D.C, Cundinamarca COLOMBIA

Mission: 1. Promote the conservation, knowledge and welfare of Colombian primates through study, research, divulgation and application of academic Primatology and educational programs and support basic principles defined for the conservation of species in Colombia and elsewhere. 2. Promote and support basic and applied research in primatology. 3. Promote with GOs and NGOs the establishment of dynamic laws supporting ecological and ecosystem conservation. 4. Promote in Colombia knowledge and consciousness of primates. 5. Capture national and international resources allowing the development of the goals of the Association. 6. Promote nationally and internationally an interchange of primatological knowledge via symposia, conferences, dialogues, consultancies, and other activities.

Membership: 70

President: Victoria Euegenia Pereira Bengoa DMV, MsC phone:571-6252487 Email:

Vice President: Ivan Manuel Sanchez Biol. phone: 571 2601439

Secretary: Carlos Miguel del valle Biol. phone: 571 4931694

Treasurer: Claudia Brieva. DMV, MsC phone:

Committees: Scientific Committe, Educational Committe, Comunication Committe

Meetings: 1 Congreso Colombiano de Primatología Noviembre 2,3 y 4 de 2005 Bogota D.C. Colombia

Last Updated: 2005-02-28

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