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Lusofona University, Lisbon
Laboratory of Social Ethology
(Established 2004)
Educational Program
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Director: Augusta Gaspar
Phone: +351 21 7515500 (ext. 197 or ext. 202)   E-Mail:
Campo Grande, 376, Lisbon 1749-024 PORTUGAL
Department: Psychology Department
Institution: Lusofona University, Lisbon
Affiliations: CEPCA-Center for Studies in Cognitive & Developmental Psychology, Lusofona University, Lisbon

Mission: The program has three components: (1) training students in non-invasive ethical behavioral research, with emphasis on non-human primate and human social ethology; (2)promoting scientific meetings and workshops in ethology; (3)formal education (courses) in ethology, human evolution, primate behavior and evolution of communication and cognition

Principal Research Programs: Current programs: - Evolution & Function of facial Behavior - Social attraction and communication in children and apes - Applied Ethology

Training Opportunities: Msc. Program in "Behavior and Evolution" (interdisciplinary, mostly Ethology and Psychobiology) Internships (graduate and postgraduate) in Human ethology and Primatology Undergraduate courses (Psychology Dept.) in Ethology and Anthropology Optional course (Biology major) in Primatology

Financial Aid: Occasional financial support for internships is provided, based on specific project grants

Number of Staff: 2

Supported Species: Gorilla (gorilla), Pan paniscus (bonobo), Pan troglodytes (common chimpanzee)

Last Updated: 2005-03-23

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