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Siberut Conservation Project
Conservation Agency
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Director: Keith Hodges
Phone: 49 551 3851 140/131   E-Mail:

Mission: The SCP is an international project designed to preserve and study the unique flora and fauna of Siberut, the northernmost island of the Mentawai archipelago off the West coast of Indonesia.

Principal Research Programs: Because of their long period of geographical isolation, the Mentawai islands play a key role concerning investigations on the evolution and radiation of SE asian primates, in particular the macaques. One of our initial objectives in this area has been to clarify the taxonomic status of the Mentawai macaques. Recent results confirm an independent species status for the macaques living on Siberut (M. siberu) and the southern island of Pagai (M. pagensis), both of which are probably distinct from the mainland form. Thus, already an additional endemic species has been identified. Further, the results indicate that colonization of the Mentawai islands occurred on at least two separate occasions resulting in a paraphyletic taxonomic relationship, as recently discovered by SCP scientists.

Last Updated: 2004-08-02

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