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Red Colombiana de Primatología (Established 2004)
Professional Society
Web Site:

Phone: 57-1-6303096   E-Mail:
Calle 70A # 55-27, Apto 102, Bogota, Distrito Capital COLOMBIA

Mission: The most important goal is the creation of a virtual space that can be reached for researchers all around the world in order to share information about the Colombian primates: their status, ecology, conservation programs, research projects, methodologies and publications. Additionally, this virtual place will connect people that is working in the same areas or species; it will inform general public and researchers about the findings in Colombian Primatology; and finally, this place will be a connection with international agencies and primatological societies and resources that can be useful to develop better research and conservation programs.

Membership: 34

President: Alba Lucia Morales Jimenez 44-08077511724

Last Updated: 2004-06-24

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