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Mona Foundation (Established 2000)
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Director: Olga Feliu
Phone: 00 34 972 47 76 18   E-Mail:
Crta. Cassa de la Selva, s.n, Riudellots de la Selva, Girona 17457 SPAIN

Mission: Rescue pets and circus Chimpanzes and other primates.

Principal Research Programs: Socialization of primats.
Research activities.
Training students.

Training Opportunities: Yes. general public, schools, graduates & postgraduate

Financial Aid: No.

Number of Staff: 6

Supported Species: 4 Macaca sylvanus (Barbary macaque), 13 Pan troglodytes (common chimpanzee)

Publications: PRIMATES (biannual)

Last Updated: 2009-06-07

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