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Associação Mico Leão Dourado (Established 1992)
Conservation Agency
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Director: Denise Marcal Rambabdi
Phone: 55-22-2778 2025   Fax: 55-22-2778 2025   E-Mail:
Rodovia BR 101, Km 214, Caiza Postal 109.968, Casimiro de Abreu - RJ CEP 28.860-970 BRAZIL

Mission: The Golden Lion Tamarin Conservation Program (GLTCP) is an international conservation initiative established to formulate and implement an integrated strategy for the preservation of the critically endangered golden lion tamarin (Leontopithecus rosalia) and its habitat, the Atlantic Coastal Rainforests of Southeastern Brazil. Its mission includes: Maximize the probability of survival of a naturally evolving population of GLTs; Expand and apply leading-edge science in biology and conservation; Increase public awareness and involvement in conservation of golden lion tamarins and their habitat; Enhance professional training in biology and conservation, with preference for Brazilians; Multiply conservation impact and increase effectiveness and efficiency through integration with other conservation programs with similar methods and goals, particularly those working with Leontopithecus.

Principal Research Programs: These missions are achieved through seven major areas of research and conservation action: Global management of the captive population; Demographic and behavioral biology studies of the wild population in Brazil; Protection, management, and restoration of natural habitat; Conservation education; Reintroduction of captive-born and confiscated animals back into the wild; Translocation of animals from threatened habitat to secure areas; Studies of the fauna and flora of the Atlantic Coastal Rainforest

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Last Updated: 2003-05-29

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