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Theoretical Primatology Project (TPP) (Established 2002)
Professional Society
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North Carolina UNITED STATES

Mission: The purpose of the TPP is to advance and to disseminate knowledge of theoretical primatology, non-mathematical and, especially, mathematical, and other topics related to evolutionary primatology in order to advance the conceptual unification of primatology and the other biological sciences. TPP conceives its purpose broadly to cover research utilizing mathematical, including graphical and comparative, methods, formal logic, or computer simulation.

Membership: 100

President: Clara B. Jones, Ph.D., Director, Theoretical Primatology Project (TPP); Editor, TPP Newsletter (2003-2005).

Meetings: See Bylaws, TPP Website

Publications: Newsletter issues posted on TPP Website. Newsletter discontinued 2005.

Comments: TPP has been officially discontinued as an active organization and will be archived in the Jacobsen Library.

Last Updated: 2006-07-25

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