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Population, Ecology and Conservation of Honduran Primates (summer field seasons)
Field Study in the Americas
Location of Site: HONDURAS, Cusuco National Park

Ontario CANADA
Department: Centre for Environment
Institution: University of Toronto and Operation Wallacea

Sponsoring Institution(s): University of Toronto and Operation Wallacea

Research Objectives: Investigate population and feeding ecology of mantled howlers, white-faced capuchins, and Central American spider monkeys living in the fragmented landscape of the protected areas in Honduras. Understand encroachment processes affecting primate species living in these areas. Conservation and promotion of primate populations in protected and unprotected areas on the north coast of Honduras.

Field Positions and Volunteers: contact director

Species Studied: Alouatta palliata (mantled howler)

Other Species at Site: Ateles geoffroyi (Geoffroy's spider monkey), Cebus capucinus (white-faced capuchin)

Comments: for those interested in this field work, contact for opportunities

Last Updated: 2007-02-27

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