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Habitat Ecologique et Liberte des Primates (HELP) Congo (Established 1990-ongoing)
Conservation Agency
Web Site:

Director: Madame Aliette Jamart
Phone: 00 243 94 15 20   E-Mail:
BP 335, Pointe Noire CONGO
Department: HELP Congo
Affiliations: Arcus Foundation, Association Gorilla, Bridget Bardot Foundation, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Sea World and Busch Gardens, Tusk Trust, IPPL, One Voice, SPA, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Virbac, Zoo Amneville, Zoo de la Barben and Zoo de Saint Martin de la Plaine

Mission: 1. To rescue and offer a better life to chimpanzees that had been orphaned as a result of the bushmeat trade and/or were being kept in poor conditions in zoos and people houses, 2. To release the chimpanzees onto islands where they have the opportunity to learn the skills that will be essential to them for a life in the wild (rehabilitation), 3. To release suitable individuals into the wild, 4. To establish educational programmes and spread conservation awareness to local people, 5. To enforce anti-bushmeat laws in cooperation with government agencies, 6. To develop scientific field-research on other primate species and wildlife in the Conkouati-Douli National Parkand, 7. To establish a database for the rehabilitation of chimpanzees in the wild, 8. To distribute the results through high quality scientific publications and documentary films.

Principal Research Programs: We offer volunteer positions and research opportunities. For more information, see our web site:

Supported Species: Pan troglodytes troglodytes (Central African chimpanzee)

Comments: For any information on the project, please contact Benoit Goossens, President of HELP International, a charity dedicated to the support of HELP Congo.

Last Updated: 2009-05-25

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