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Chimpanzee Collaboratory (Established 2000)
Animal Welfare Agency
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Phone: 1 202 546 1761 x.23   E-Mail:
227 Massachusetts Avenue NE, Suite 100, Washington, District of Columbia 20002 UNITED STATES
Institution: Doris Day Animal League

Mission: The mission of the Chimpanzee Collaboratory is: To make significant and measurable progress in protecting the lives and establishing the legal rights of chimpanzees.

Principal Research Programs: The Chimpanzee Collaboratory's member organizations are actively involved in a wide variety of programs and activities. Among our most notable accomplishments, we have: Completed construction of a sanctuary for chimpanzees retired form biomedical research and accepted its first tenants; Commissioned a highly respected national polling organization to obtain a detailed nationwide poll on the public's knowledge of and attitudes toward chimpanzees and the sorts of remedial actions it would support on behalf of chimpanzees; Researched and drafted legislation to establish the great apes' basic legal rights and eligibility for guardian at litem protection at the state level. (A guardian ad litem is someone appointed by a court to represent the interests of an incompetent); Investigated the feasibility of a consumer campaign against hardwood harvested from African forests where the bushmeat trade is strong; Begun strengthening certain pre-existing conservation programs; Launched plans for a groundbreaking symposium at a prominent law school to advance the arguments for legal rights for great apes; Started planning a long-term strategy for taking great apes out of entertainment throughout the United States.

Supported Species: Pan troglodytes (common chimpanzee)

Last Updated: 2005-02-02

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