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Cal State Fullerton
Evolutionary Anthropology

Educational Program
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Director: Jack Bedell, Chair, Department of Anthropology
Fax: +1-657-278-5001  
PO Box 6846, Fullerton, California 92834-6846 UNITED STATES
Institution: Cal State Fullerton

Mission: Anthropology department with biological anthropology. Focus on primate socioecology, life history, and conservation. Faculty conduct primatology fieldwork with baboons in Botswana (Johnson and Bock), gelada monkeys in Ethiopia (Fashing and Nguyen), and great apes in central Africa and Indonesia (Commitante and Rosen). Other research interests include human and nonhuman growth and development (Johnson, Bock, Patton); demography (Johnson, Bock, Patton); biomedical anthropology (Johnson, Bock, Patton, Pillsworth).

Training Opportunities: BA, MA in anthropology

Financial Aid: The California State University has a number of financial aid options available. Go to:

Number of Staff: 21

Last Updated: 2009-10-17

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