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OPR Coastal Primate Sanctuary (Established 1998)
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Director: Polly Schultz
Phone: (360) 575-9231   E-Mail:
717 Harmony Dr., Longview, Washington 98632 UNITED STATES

Mission: It is the purpose of OPR to provide lifetime care in a humane and enriching environment to unwanted, orphaned or crippled monkeys that originate from private owners, from government agencies, and to those retiring from a life of research. Through public education we raise awareness of the complexities involved in maintaining captive primates and why they are not suitable pets, and to discuss adult or abhorrent behaviors caused by various aspects of captive life, in hopes of reducing the number of unwanted primates in the private sector. We stress the importance of preserving wildlife habitat, and how human encroachment affects primate species in the wild. While OPR discourages private ownership, we do offer health, diet, enrichment and management information to all who care for captive primates, in an effort to promote humane conditions for all primates maintained in a captive environment.

Principal Research Programs: Internship Opportunities
OPR offers internship opportunities to zoology, veterinary, conservation, and psychology students needing practical experience with care and husbandry of captive non-human primates, safe & humane methods for handling, chemical vs. non-chemical capture & restraint, observing & understanding normal & abnormal behavior & how to help psychologically damaged monkeys. For more info or to apply for internship contact OPR director Polly Schultz at 360-575-9231
or visit us online at

Training Opportunities: OPR offers internships to selected Precollege and college level students. We offer educational tours to the general public by appointment, typically from May through September. We provide educational presentations to schools and other groups throughout the community.

Financial Aid: We do not offer financial aid at this time.

Number of Staff: varies

Publications: Rescue Review (Periodical publication)

Last Updated: 2009-11-13

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