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Ecology and Behavior of Thai Gibbons in Khao Yai National Park (on-going)
Field Study in Asia
Location of Site: THAILAND, Khao Yai National Park

Director: Warren Y. Brockelman
Phone: 662-441-9003, X 1407   Fax: 662-441-1013   E-Mail:
Center for Conservation Biology, ISTRD, Mahidol University, Salya, Buddhamonthon, Nakhon Pathom 73170
Department: Department of Biology
Institution: Faculty of Sceince

Sponsoring Institution(s): Thailand Research Fund, National Science and Technology Development

Research Objectives: Study dispersal and long-term social dynamics. Study demographic
changes. Understand diet and foraging behavior. Study seed dispersal
and tree regeneration. Study relations between white handed and
pileated gibbons.

Field Positions and Volunteers: N/A

Species Studied: Hylobates lar (lar gibbon), Hylobates pileatus (pileated gibbon)

Other Species at Site: Macaca nemestrina (pigtail macaque), Nycticebus coucang (slow loris)

Last Updated: 1998-10-31

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