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Socioecological study of moor macaques (1981-present)
Field Study in Asia
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Location of Site: INDONESIA, Karaenta Nature Reserve, South Sulawesi

Director: Shuichi Matsumura
Phone: 81-568-63-0540   Fax: 81-568-63-0565   E-Mail:
Kanrin 41, Inuyama, Aichi 484-8506
Department: Primate Research Institute
Institution: Kyoto University

Sponsoring Institution(s): Kyoto University, Bogor Agricultural University

Research Objectives: The objective of the project is to clarify characteristics of the ecology and social behavior of moor macaques.

Species Studied: Macaca maura (Moor macaque)

Other Species at Site: Tarsius tarsier (spectral tarsier)

Last Updated: 2000-08-14

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