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Conservation of Hoolock gibbon in Northeast India (2006-2007)
Field Study in Asia
Location of Site: INDIA, Gibbon wildlife sanctuary

Phone: 91-9435043892   Fax: 91-361-2228418   E-Mail:
50,Samanway path, Survey, Guwahati, Assam 781028
Department: Aaranyak
Institution: NGO

Sponsoring Institution(s): Supported by US FISH & WILDLIFE SERVICE (GACF)

Research Objectives: 1.STATUS OF STUMPTAILED MACAQUE (Macaca arctoides) in Northeast Indiqa 2.Socioecology of Stumptailed macaque(Macaca arctoides) 3.Conservation perspectives of Stumptailed macaque. 4. Ecology & Behaviour of Hoolock gibbon 5. Niche separation /competition among different primates of the sanctuary 6. Community Based Conservation

Field Positions and Volunteers: 1. Gibbon Conservation Training

Species Studied: Hoolock hoolock (western hoolock gibbon), Macaca arctoides (stump-tailed macaque)

Other Species at Site: Hoolock (hoolock gibbon), Macaca assamensis (Assamese macaque), Macaca mulatta (rhesus macaque), Macaca nemestrina (pigtail macaque), Nycticebus (slow loris), Trachypithecus pileatus (capped langur)

Comments: Need of sponsor for the Community based Programme for the Conservation of Hoolock gibbon in Northeast India

Last Updated: 2007-05-15

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