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Inti Wara Yassi (Established 1994)
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Director: Tania Baltazar
Casilla 9519, La Paz, Chapare BOLIVIA

Mission: To save wild animals from maltreatment as pets and give them a natural environment to live in, reintroducing them to the wild if possible. Once at the refuge,they serve to raise awareness and sensitivity to their species.

Principal Research Programs: Monkeys are brought to the refuge by concerned citizens or seized by Inti Wara Yassi in cooperation with the police. (It is illegal to have them as pets but not enforced.) Most live in an unenclosed area where they can play in the trees with each other and leave if they please, usually only coming down for food twice a day. Tourists and school groups visit and can have contact with the animals that choose to stay around people. The hope is that in having contact with the monkeys and seeing them up close in their natural environment, the people will gain an awareness that monkeys really are intelligent animals that deserve their freedom and belong in the wild.

Training Opportunities: No, but would be open to research.

Number of Staff: 20

Associated Field Sites: Tania Baltazar; Villa Tunari,Chapare, Bolivia; Refuge site

Supported Species: 4 Aotus trivirgatus (owl monkey), 11 Ateles paniscus (black spider monkey), 3 Cebus albifrons (white-fronted capuchin), 75 Cebus apella (tufted capuchin), 2 Saguinus nigricollis (black-mantle tamarin), 90 Saimiri sciureus (common squirrel monkey)

Last Updated: 2000-12-05

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