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Population, ecology, behavior and conservation of primates in the tropical rain forests of southern Mexico (On-going since the 1978)
Field Study in the Americas
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Location of Site: MEXICO, Los Tuxtlas

Director: Dr. Alejandro Estrada
Phone: 52 (294) 942-4668   Fax: 52 (294) 942-4668   E-Mail:
Apartado Postal 176, San Andres Tuxtla, Veracruz MEXICO
Department: Laboratory of Primatology, Estacion de Biologia "Los Tuxtlas"
Institution: Instituto de Biologia, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Sponsoring Institution(s): Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico; Scott Neotropic Fund, The Clevelan Scott Neotropical Fund; American Society of Primatologists; Primate Conservation, Inc.

Research Objectives: To gather information on size of populations, behavioral ecology (feeding preferences, seed dispersal and forest regeneration, interactions with other arboreal mammals and frugivores), social behavior (social dynamics, agonistic and affiliative behaviors, mother-infant interactions), and conservation pressures (habitat destruction and fragmentation, hunting, human population growth)

Field Positions and Volunteers: Volunteers are welcome. Cost of living expenses may be covered by research program, but volunteers need to secure funds as funds are limited. Consult by e-mail

Species Studied: Alouatta palliata (mantled howler), Alouatta pigra (black howler), Ateles geoffroyi (Geoffroy's spider monkey)

Last Updated: 2004-03-14

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