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Projet Kalaweit (Established 1999)
Conservation Agency
Web Site:

Director: Mr. Aurelien BRULE (Chanee)
Phone: (0)816 280770   E-Mail:
Jl Hangtuah, No 5, Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan 73111 INDONESIA
Department: Primate Conservation
Institution: Etho-Passion Society

Mission: To take a part in the conservation of the kalimantan gibbons in the Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park (Gibbons Rehabilitation Program, Research Station, Conservation Education Center, and to help the local government protect the National Park).

Principal Research Programs: Kalimantan gibbons : -Hylobates agilis -Hylobates muelleri

Training Opportunities: The Kalaweit Program receive volunteers and students to help our conservation program and to study the gibbons or the rainforest.

Financial Aid: We don't offer financial aid for the student. The fees for a stay in the station are : 200 USD for one month 350 USD for 2 months

Number of Staff: 2

Associated Field Sites: The french society : ETHO-PASSION (EP) BP 48 83440 FAYENCE FRANCE E-mail :; In Indonesia : Mr. Aurelien BRULE (Chanee) Program Director President of EP

Supported Species: 11 Hylobates agilis (agile gibbon)

Publications: monthly reports in our mailing list. (French report) Please to send your email address if you want to receive our report.

Comments: The Kalaweit Program research and receive the volunteers

Last Updated: 2000-10-03

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