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Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International (Established 1978)
Conservation Agency
Web Site:

Director: Clare Richardson (President)
Phone: 1-800-851-0203   Fax: 1-404-624-5999   E-Mail:
800 Cherokee AVE., SE, Atlanta, Georgia 30315-9984 UNITED STATES

Mission: The organization's objectives are: Gorilla conservation Operation of Karisoke Research Center in Rwanda, whose objectives are: - promoting scientific research that contributes to mountain gorilla conservation - regular monitoring of gorilla population - operation of anti-poaching patrols in the Volcanoes National Park

Principal Research Programs: Karisoke Research Center, Rwanda Conservation Action Program Tayna Gorilla Reserve, Democratic Republic of Congo Ecosytem Health National University of Rwanda, GIS Center

Training Opportunities: Suspended

Financial Aid: Suspended until further notice

Number of Staff: 28

Associated Field Sites: Karisoke Research Center Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda Please use US Contact Person Long-Term Monitoring and Behavioral Research of Mountain Gorillas and their afromontane habitat

Supported Species: 200 Gorilla beringei beringei (mountain gorilla), 250 Gorilla beringei graueri (eastern lowland gorilla)

Publications: The Dian Fossey Journal

Comments: The Karisoke Research Center was destroyed during recent upheaval in Rwanda. Research began again as of 1999, with plans to continue for the long term, but currently only personnel employed by DFGFI are carrying out fieldwork.

Last Updated: 2001-08-10

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