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Primate Resource Referral Service (PRRS)
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Director: Randall Kyes, PhD
Phone: 1 (206) 543-5178   Fax: 1 (206) 685-8606   E-Mail:
Washington National Primate Research Center, Box 357330, Seattle, Washington 98195 UNITED STATES
Institution: Washington National Primate Research Center

Mission: The Primate Resource Referral Service (PRRS) provides the communications/database network needed for efficient acquisition and sharing of existing captive primates and primate-related resources by investigators and institutions both nationally and internationally. The overall goal of this service is to maximize the use of existing captive primates thereby reducing the total number of primates needed for research, and in turn, helping to promote the conservation of primate populations in the wild.

Principal Research Programs: PRRS services include 1) Referral Service, an immediate, staff-operated service designed to match investigator inquiries/requests to the available resource listings maintained in the PRRS master database; 2) CURRENT LISTINGS, a twice-monthly newsletter listing current availability of, as well as needs for, primates, tissues, equipment, and services; 3) ANNUAL RESOURCE GUIDE (ARG), an annual publication that lists subscribing suppliers of primates, laboratories, equipment, and commercial services such as transportation and quarantine facilities; and 4) Web site, an interactive site that includes the full text of CURRENT LISTINGS as well as online forms for posting resource availabilities/needs and listing updates, the current ARG, a diagram of primate taxonomy with illustrative photographs, online renewal and feedback forms, general service information, and links to other sites of interest to the primate research community. The PRRS also maintains a database of colonies, primates, and primate materials to which notices of availability and need can be referred.

Services are available without charge to government-supported researchers and other scientists in the United States and abroad using primates in their work.

Number of Staff: 3

Publications: "Current Listings": Semimonthly "Annual Resource Guide": Annually

Comments: Nonhuman primates imported after 1976 [Foreign Quarantine Reg 42-CFR-Part 71.53(c)] and their offspring are not allowed to be used for any purpose other than research, exhibit, breeding for research or exhibit, or educational purposes (university level). Please check all regulations (USDA, CDC, USDI) prior to transfer, sale, or placement of nonhuman primates. The offer for sale of an endangered species is contingent upon the receipt by the purchasing institution (or selling institution in the case of exportation of endangered species) of a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service permit.

Last Updated: 2010-08-06

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