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Institute for Laboratory Animal Research (ILAR) (Established 1952)
Animal Welfare Agency
Information Agency or Museum
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Director: Joanne Zurlo, PhD
Phone: 202-334-2590   Fax: 202-334-1687   E-Mail:
500 Fifth Street, NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20001 UNITED STATES
Institution: The National Academies

Mission: The Institute for Laboratory Animal Research (ILAR), founded in 1952, is a component of the National Research Council's Division on Earth and Life Studies. It serves as a coordinating agency and a national and international resource for compiling and disseminating information on laboratory animals, promoting education, planning and conducting conferences and symposia, surveying existing and required facilities and resources, upgrading laboratory animal resources, and promoting high-quality, humane care of laboratory animals. ILAR is guided by a 15-member Council, made up of experts in laboratory animal medicine, zoology, genetics, and related biomedical sciences.

Clientele: Biomedical investigators, laboratory animal scientists, institutional research administrators, members of animal care and use committees.

Principal Research Programs: Periodic reports and guidelines on the management of nonhuman primates in research and other laboratory animals; staff maintains a website featuring--an animal models and strains search function to assist investigators and students in finding sources for specific strains of laboratory animals, The Laboratory Code Registry, ILAR Journal and other academy publications online and more. In addition, ILAR holds workshops and meetings on laboratory animal research topics of interest to the scientific community.

Number of Staff: 5

Publications: "ILAR Journal and ILAR E-Journal"(quarterly); The Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals and more.

Last Updated: 2006-02-13

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