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Laboratory for Primate Morphology and Genetics (LPMG) (Established 1983)
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Director: Dr. Donald C. Dunbar
Phone: 1 (787) 753-8656 or 1 (787) 758-2525, Ext. 2212   Fax: 1 (787) 753-8656   E-Mail:
Medical Sciences Campus, Principal Bldg. Rm A-511, P.O. Box 365067, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936-5067 UNITED STATES
Department: Unit of Comparative Medicine
Institution: University of Puerto Rico
Affiliations: University of Puerto Rico & Caribbean Primate Research Center

Mission: The extensive rhesus macaque collection is ideally suited for studies of morphological integration, genetics of skeletal morphology, skeletal pathology, postnatal skeletal development, and age-related changes. Some of the specimens in the collection have associated necropsy and histopathology reports. The facility also houses some soft tissue specimens. The demographic information for the entire Cayo Santiago colony can be obtained, including mother-offspring and sibship information. Specimens of New World and other Old World species are also available. Fees are not charged, except for researchers with specifically dedicated funds for this purpose.

Clientele: Access to the collections of the LPMG is for interested scientists and students at the University of Puerto Rico and other institutions, nationally and internationally.

Principal Research Programs: Genetic basis of phenotypic variation, morphological integration, postnatal skeletal growth and development, skeletal pathology, dental eruption and wear.

Training Opportunities: No training opportunities available

Number of Staff: 3

Associated Field Sites: Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico.

Comments: The unique Macaca mulatta skeletal collection includes many complete specimens (crania and postcrania). Many of these specimens are derived directly from the Cayo Santiago colony and are of known identity, age, sex, matriline, parity, and social group history. Medical records of animals housed at the Sabana Seca Field Station, etc. are also available. Other material includes a collection of Dr. Carl Koford's papers and a library of Cayo Santiago related information. A radiographic unit is available with advance notification. The collection is available primarily for nondestructive research, although proposals for selective destructive sampling are considered. Persons who wish to conduct research at the facility are required to submit a proposal and obtain approval prior to beginning their project (the proposal format can be found at: All publications or grant proposals which incorporate data collected from any of the Caribbean Primate Research Center facilities must acknowledge (in the Acknowledgements section) the support of the Caribbean Primate Research Center, the University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus, and the National Institutes of Health (Grant No. RR03640), as well as any other grants pertinent to the research or facility.

Last Updated: 2006-09-28

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