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Twycross Zoo East Midland Zoological Society (Established 1963)
Zoological Garden
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Director: Suzanne I Boardman BVMS MRCVS
Phone: 01827 880250   Fax: 01827 880700   E-Mail:
A444, Atherstone, Warwickshire CV9 3PX UNITED KINGDOM

Mission: We are a conservation and Education charity. The zoo has a large collection of primates and has a renowned reputation for its successful breeding programmes with many species. The Society aims to encourage research to further the scientific knowledge for both the primates and other species it keeps, with particular emphasis on husbandry and welfare.

Principal Research Programs: We support research wherever we can. Behavioural observations are always popular and provide excellent scientific training for undergraduates. Other projects have contributed to research on health and welfare. Recent research activity has included enrichment projects for chimps, woolly monkeys and lemurs, communication research projects with great apes, the effects of visitors on primate behaviour, nutrition projects and projects involving DNA analysis.

Training Opportunities: We have an extensive education programme provided by a professional education team covering all levels from pre-school to postgraduate. Talks are designed to support the national curriculum and exam syllabi and the team can adapt their programme to most requirements.

Number of Staff: 70

Supported Species: 4 Allenopithecus nigroviridis (Allen's swamp monkey), 24 Alouatta caraya (black-and-gold howler), 1 Ateles (spider monkey), 2 Ateles fusciceps robustus (brown-headed spider monkey), 3 Ateles hybridus (brown spider monkey), 4 Ateles paniscus (black spider monkey), 2 Callicebus cupreus (coppery titi), 2 Callithrix argentata (silvery marmoset), 4 Callithrix geoffroyi (white-headed marmoset), 9 Callithrix jacchus (common marmoset), 2 Callithrix melanura (black-tailed marmoset), 2 Callithrix penicilla (marmoset), 9 Callithrix pygmaea (pygmy marmoset), 1 Cercopithecus ascanius (red-tailed monkey), 2 Cercopithecus diana (diana monkey), 2 Cercopithecus hamlyni (Hamlyn's monkey), 4 Cercopithecus lowei (Lowe's mona), 3 Cercopithecus petaurista (lesser white-nosed monkey), 1 Cercopithecus pogonias (crested mona), 3 Cercopithecus roloway (roloway monkey), 4 Colobus guereza (guereza), 3 Eulemur coronatus (crowned lemur), 2 Eulemur rubriventer (red-bellied lemur), 5 Gorilla gorilla gorilla (western lowland gorilla), 6 Hylobates agilis (agile gibbon), 4 Hylobates lar (lar gibbon), 1 Hylobates muelleri (Mueller's Bornean gibbon), 8 Hylobates pileatus (pileated gibbon), 10 Lagothrix lagotricha (Humboldt's woolly monkey), 6 Lemur catta (ring-tailed lemur), 4 Leontopithecus chrysomelas (golden-headed lion tamarin), 2 Leontopithecus rosalia (golden lion tamarin), 5 Nomascus leucogenys (northern white-cheeked gibbon), 11 Pan paniscus (bonobo), 29 Pan troglodytes (common chimpanzee), 2 Pithecia pithecia (white-faced saki), 4 Pongo pygmaeus pygmaeus (Bornean orangutan), 10 Saguinus imperator subgrisescens (emperor tamarin), 2 Saguinus midas (midas tamarin), 7 Saguinus oedipus (cotton-top tamarin), 10 Symphalangus syndactylus (siamang), 11 Trachypithecus auratus auratus (Javan lutung), 4 Trachypithecus francoisi (Francois's langur), 6 Trachypithecus obscurus (dusky leaf monkey), 1 Trachypithecus phayrei (Phayre's leaf monkey), 5 Varecia rubra (red ruffed lemur), 4 Varecia variegata variegata (black-and-white ruffed lemur)

Publications: "Ape Vine" (zoo newsletter, biannual); "Zoo News" (association newsletter, quarterly)

Comments: We are seeking to actively encourage research at the zoo as part of our continuing commitment to conservation.

Last Updated: 2009-06-11

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