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EndoFaun Zoo (Established 1994)
Zoological Garden
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Director: James Magill
Phone: +2711-964-1446   Fax: +2711-964-1294   E-Mail:
Norman Rd. (P.O. Box 136), Bapsfontein, Gauteng 1510 SOUTH AFRICA
Institution: Zoological Gardens

Mission: Zoological park. Endangered primate-breeding center. Education of underprivileged children

Principal Research Programs: Breeding, captive care and management of New World Primates

Training Opportunities: General public, but focus on Primary School children. Education directed at importance of all creatures in the bio-spectruim, emphases on the smaller, not well known species.

Number of Staff: 9

Supported Species: 6 Callithrix geoffroyi (white-headed marmoset), 26 Callithrix jacchus (common marmoset), 8 Callithrix kuhlii (Wied's marmoset), 60 Callithrix penicillata (black-pencilled marmoset), 9 Callithrix pygmaea (pygmy marmoset), 22 Saguinus oedipus (cotton-top tamarin), 8 Saimiri boliviensis (Bolivian squirrel monkey), 3 Saimiri sciureus (common squirrel monkey)

Comments: We also gladly accept any surplus animals. (Pairs or single sex) Please feel free to fax a surplus list and conditions.

Last Updated: 2002-04-24

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