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Atlanta/Fulton County Zoo (Established 1889)
Zoological Garden
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Director: Dennis Kelly
Phone: 1 (404) 624-5600   Fax: 1 (404) 627-7514; 1 (404) 624-5684  
800 Cherokee Avenue SE, Atlanta, Georgia 30315-1440 UNITED STATES
Institution: Zoo Atlanta
Affiliations: American Zoo and Aquarium Association

Mission: We envision a world in which humankind values, protects and preserves the diversity of species on Earth.

We strive to inspire the citizens of Atlanta and Georgia and all visitors to the Zoo to value wildlife on Earth and to help safeguard existing species through conservation.

We do this by:
1. Providing an informative, educational and engaging experience
2. Being respectful and responsible stewards of animals and the physical and financial assets entrusted to us
3. Engaging in related conservation activities and research

Principal Research Programs: Behavioral and cognitive research and conservation programs for gorilla, Sumatran orangutan, drill, golden lion tamarin. Zoo Atlanta's Conservation Action Resource Center integrates the zoo's science, education and conservation activities. It is a center for collaboration and communication among its core staff and volunteers, in partnership with government, environmental organizations, universities, schools, corporations, and foundations.

Training Opportunities: Educational opportunities are available for: Pre-College, Undergraduate, Graduate, Continuing Education and Professional; Field work opportunities are available; Program emphasis: Conservation, Behavior, Ecology; Financial support is occasionally available; Year-round education programs are available for all ages. Volunteer programs include intensive formal training. NSF-funded research internships, veterinary externships, programs for continuing education for teachers (GIFT, GYSTC), conservation fellows, Georgia Institute of Technology comparative psychology graduate student lab (6 students as of January 1996), visiting scientists, GSAMS distance learning laboratory on grounds.

Associated Field Sites: Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund; Zoo Atlanta/Africa Biodiversity Conservation Program. Contact: Dr. Tom Butynski, Senior Conservation Biologist, Zoo Atlanta or PO Box 24434, Nairobi, Kenya. E-mail:

Supported Species: 1 Cercopithecus mona (mona monkey), 2 Colobus angolensis (Angola colobus), 23 Gorilla gorilla gorilla (western lowland gorilla), 3 Leontopithecus rosalia (golden lion tamarin), 5 Mandrillus leucophaeus (drill), 7 Pongo abelii (Sumatran orangutan), 3 Pongo pygmaeus (Bornean orangutan)

Publications: "ARC Annual Report"; "African Primates Newsletter" (biannual); "ZOOM" (quarterly); "Zoomaker" (volunteer newsletter, quarterly); "Beastly Bulletin" (staff newsletter); "The Ethogram" (research newsletter, quarterly)

Last Updated: 2009-07-09

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