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Japan Monkey Centre (Established 1956)
Zoological Garden
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Director: Mitsuo Iwamoto
Phone: 81 (568) 61-2327   Fax: 81 (568) 62-6823  
26 Kanrin, Inuyama, Aichi 484-0081 JAPAN

Mission: To promote research on primates in cooperation with other institutions and universities; To exhibit various species of living primates and to offer information on primatology to the public; To give lectures and hold seminars on primates, and to present information for educational purposes; To publish books, reports and journals on primates; To breed and supply primates for research and medical use; To conduct and promote conservation of wild Japanese monkeys.

Principal Research Programs: Primate zoo: zoo exhibition and education; Research division: research fellow, Primates editorial office, field study, research collaboration and publishing

Training Opportunities: Educational opportunities available for: Pre-College, Undergraduate; Field work opportunities available; Program emphasis: Monkey care and husbandry, Museum management; Financial support rarely available; Note: At present, we cannot accept students or researchers from abroad because of the problem of language and funds.

Number of Staff: 40

Publications: "Annual report"; "Primates" (quarterly, in English); "Monkey" (bimonthly, in Japanese)

Last Updated: 2000-07-28

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