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Living Links (Established 1997)
Primate Center, Lab or Research Program
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Phone: 404-727-0915   Fax: 404-727-3270   E-Mail:
954 Gatewood Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30329 UNITED STATES
Department: Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center
Institution: Emory University

Mission: The mission of the Living Links Center (LLC) is to address isssues of human evolution through the study of our "living links" to the past; the extant great apes. To that end, the LLC provides an intellectual home for scientists, regionally and internationally, who study the behavior, intelligence, and biology of apes and humans. It also seeks to educate the public about our primate relatives, and to assist efforts of their conservation. The LLC is part of the Yerkes Primate Research Center at Emory University.; Living Links is part of Emory University. Its affiliated faculty teach a number of primate related classes and are seated in a number of academic departments at Emory, including Psychology, Psychobiology, Biology, Anthropology, Neuroscience, and the Population Biology Ecology and Evolution program.

Number of Staff: 15

Associated Field Sites: Living Links maintains two large social groups of chimpanzees at the Yerkes Field Station in Lawrenceville, GA, as well as two groups of capuchin monkeys at the Capuchin Lab at the Yerkes Main Center, near Emory campus.

Supported Species: Pan troglodytes (common chimpanzee)

Publications: For all research and publications check out our website at:

Last Updated: 2009-06-20

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