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Association of Primate Veterinarians (Established 1967)
Professional Society
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Phone: (215) 774-9603   Fax: (901) 753-0046   E-Mail:
9190 Crestwyn Hills Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 38125-8538 UNITED STATES

Mission: To promote the dissemination of information relating to the health, care and welfare of nonhuman primates; to provide a mechanism by which primate veterinarians may speak collectively on matters regarding nonhuman primates; and to promote fellowship among primate veterinarians.

Membership: 482

President: Dr. Marek A. Niekrasz
2018 President

President Elect: Dr. Curtis M. Klages
2018 Program Chair & 2019 President

Vice President: Dr. Drew Martin
2019 Program Chair & 2020 President

Secretary: Dr. Tina Grove

Treasurer: Dr. Laurie Brignolo

Committees: Education Committee
Elizabeth Griffin Foundation Committee
Finance Committee
Long Range Planning Committee
Membership Committee
Program Committee
Regulatory Committee
Website Committee
Workshop Local Arrangements Committee

Meetings: APV 46th Annual Workshop
Baltimore, MD

Publications: "APV Newsletter" (3-4 times/year)
Archive issues are posted in the members only section of the web.

Grants: Travel Grants Awards for trainees to present original oral case reports or research at the annual workshop. A $1,000 honorarium is included.

Last Updated: 2017-11-15

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