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Simian Society of America (Established 1957)
Professional Society
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Phone: (501)358-4832   E-Mail:
8 Lakeview Dr., Conway, Arkansas 72032 UNITED STATES

Mission: A humane and educational organization dedicated to the care and welfare of all captive nonhuman primates.

Membership: 500

President: Ann Newman, 2005 May - October 2010 (501)358-4832,

Vice President: Sherry Wallace (304) 755-4034 May, 2005 - October 2010

Secretary: Melody Orr, (717) 432-8724 October, 2010

Treasurer: Pam Cox, (817)477-5556 October 2010

Committees: Publications Committee; Primate Placement Network; Primate Health Network

Meetings: Annual Convention, date varies; Chapters in various states and regions meet anywhere from monthly to quarterly to provide support and education to area owners.

Publications: "The Simian" (12x per year), Ann Newman, Editor, #8 Lakeview Drive, Conway, Arkansas 72032, (501) 358-4832,

Grants: NA

Comments: The Simian Society of America does not promote the ownership of non-human primates for members of the general public, but does actively support its members who have made a commitment to meet the diverse and complex needs of these incredible primates. The Society provides hands-on support, educational materials, and networking to ensure that non-human primates in private settings have access to the best care available. It also actively supports a Primate Health Network, to collect and distribute health information, to provide medical support to local veternarians, and to provide direct assistance in emergency medical situations. The Society recently affirmed its life long commitment to primates in private settings by expanding its placement network.

Last Updated: 2010-03-18

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