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Société Francophone de Primatologie (SFDP) (Established 1987)
Professional Society
Web Site:

Phone: 33 1 69 42 21 45   E-Mail:
Centre de Primatologie de l'Université de Strasbourg, Fort Foch, Niederhausbergen, Bas-Rhin F-67207 FRANCE

Mission: Support scientific projects and programs in favor of the protection of endangered primates.

Associated Field Sites: Revue de primatologie []. An open access electronic journal published by SFDP (accept scientific articles submitted to peer review and published in French or English languages).

Membership: 150

President: Dr Guy GERMAIN, MD, PhD, Tel: +33 1 69 42 21 45

Vice President: Dr Vet. Brice lefaux,

Secretary: Delphine Roullet,

Treasurer: Hélène Meunier,

Meetings: Annual, see on line information on SFDP web site (French language):

Publications: "Bulletin" SFDP-Info + address book, available on line for registered members [in French]. In the past, SFDP has contributed to sponsor the publication of the paper journal "Primatologie" , the latest volume was vol. 6, 2004 (discontinued, today). A new electronic-publication open-access journal, the 'Revue de primatologie', aimed at publishing peer-reviewed articles, either in French or English, has been sponsored by the SFDP []. Brigitte Senut is currently Director of the publication, Sabrina Krief is currently Chief editor and Guy Germain is Copy editor). The journal has published each year one volume, since October 2009.

Grants: Annual grants: "Prix de la SFDP":approx. 760 euros "Bourse de la SFDP": approx. 1500 euros. Also support rehabilitation programs for endangered-primate-species based on the quality of the projects and obligatory third part contribution, variable amount, cannot exceed 1500 euros.

Comments: The SFDP is a member of the EFP (European Federation for Primatology)and adheres to IPS standards

Last Updated: 2013-05-22

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