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Australasian Primate Society (Established 1982)
Professional Society
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PO Box 9126, Traralgon, Victoria 3844 AUSTRALIA

Mission: To advance the study of primatology, both academic and applied; To promote the ethical and responsible use of non-human primates in scientific research; To foster responsible breeding in captivity and importation of non-human primates, consistent with the objects stated above and with the conservation of all primate species

Membership: 150

President: Dr C Litchfield

Vice President: Mr Graeme A Crook, Mobile +61 417 805 422, Ph +61 8 82807670

Secretary: Ms Penny Harper, Adelaide, South Australia,

Treasurer: Ms Penny Harper, Adelaide, South Australia,

Committees: Executive Committee; Editorial Committee

Meetings: Annual Conference and AGM March 2007 Monash University

Publications: Australasian Primatology, biennially (March, October)

Comments: General $Aus30; Students/unemployed, pensioner $Aus20; Family $Aus40; Corporate institutions $Aus50

Last Updated: 2008-04-25

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