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Gorilla Haven Charitable Foundation (Established 1996)
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Director: Jane T.Rasmussen-Dewar, Founder
Phone: 1-706-374-2616   E-Mail:
2031 Lowery Road, Morganton, Georgia 30560 UNITED STATES
Institution: Gorilla Haven

Mission: Mission Statement: To help make every captive gorilla's life as enriched and natural as possible through husbandry and research and to promote education about gorilla conservation in zoos and the wild.

Principal Research Programs: Education and awareness of the plight of gorillas in the wild, as well as in captive situations in zoos and sanctuaries around the world.

Training Opportunities: n/a

Financial Aid: n/a

Number of Staff: 1

Associated Field Sites: n/a

Publications: website at

Last Updated: 2013-03-11

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