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Chimps Incorporated (Established 1995)
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Director: Lesley Day
Phone: 1-541-410-4122   Fax: 1-541-389-6032   E-Mail:
PO Box 6973, Bend, Oregon 97708 UNITED STATES
Department: Internship Program

Mission: Chimps Incorporated is a non-profit wildlife sanctuary, located in Bend, Oregon. Our mission is to further chimpanzee conservation through education while providing a refuge for animals that have come from a variety of backgrounds: roadside zoos, the entertainment world, and private "ownership." We currently have seven chimpanzee residents as well as a Siberian lynx. Our qualified staff, dedicated interns, and volunteers strive to provide the highest standard of care for our residents. The chimps are served a healthy and balanced diet consisting mainly of fresh fruits, vegetables, and primate chow. Each day they are provided with novel enrichment items and activities to both interest and challenge them. Spacious outdoor enclosures are equipped with platforms, ropes, and climbing towers. During the summer months, the chimps can reach out and pick food and flowers from the natural gardens that surround their enclosures. The chimpanzees live in a flexible social group that allows them to interact, bond, groom, and play with the other chimpanzees at all times, fostering healthy and normal chimp behaviors. The chimps also maintain a close relationship with their caretakers and veteran volunteers who are an integral part of their social structure and daily routine. Our care staff closely monitors the health and behavior of our residents and quality veterinary care is provided as needed.

Training Opportunities: Since the foundation of the sanctuary, Chimps Inc. has facilitated volunteer and internship programs that allow individuals to gain hands on experience with captive chimpanzees. This provides a unique opportunity to live and work with our animals and participate in daily chimpanzee husbandry. Volunteers from local communities assist in cleaning enclosures, feeding meals to the chimps, general maintenance of the facility, and fundraising. Our internship program offers a more intensive view into sanctuary life. Interns come from all over the world to live amongst the caretakers and chimps and learn about the increasing need to house retired chimpanzees all over the United States. While assisting in all aspects of daily care and facility upkeep, interns are also expected to complete a project of their choice, which benefits the sanctuary and its inhabitants. It is our goal to provide our interns with knowledge about chimpanzees that they can not learn in a classroom.

Number of Staff: 3

Publications: A newsletter is published quarterly and sent to members.

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Last Updated: 2011-08-13

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