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Association of Sanctuaries (Established 1992)
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Director: Dr. Craig Brestrup
Phone: 1-830-336-3000   Fax: 1-830-336-3274   E-Mail:
331 Old Blanco Road, Kendalia, Texas 78027 UNITED STATES

Mission: An animal sanctuary is a place of refuge where abused, neglected, homeless, impounded, abandoned, or displaced animals will be provided with responsible care for their lifetime. The Association of Sanctuaries works to improve the quality of life for captive animals by: Assisting in the rescue of wild animals, as well as animals commonly found on farms, and the placement of these animals in TAOS approved sanctuaries; Referring people and organizations who are in need of placing rescued animals to TAOS approved sanctuaries; Inspecting and accrediting sanctuaries which adhere to TAOS policies and have been verified to meet or exceed TAOS standards of animal care; Providing support, guidance and assistance to member sanctuaries; Educating the public about the causes and conditions of displaced animals.

Number of Staff: 1

Publications: TAOS HORIZONS, quarterly newsletter

Last Updated: 2002-02-17

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