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Pandrillus (Established 1991)
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Phone: 234 (87) 234-310   E-Mail:
H.E.P.O. Box 826, Calabar, Cross River State NIGERIA
Department: Drill Rehabilitation & Breeding Center

Mission: Prevention of extinction of drills through in situ captive breeding, research, education, habitat protection and future release. Promotion of drill as a flagship species in habitat area.

Principal Research Programs: Recovery, rehabilitation & captive breeding of orphaned drills with goal of eventual release of drill groups; project maintains >65% world captive population. Project also provides sanctuary to chimpanzees. Involved in general conservation work in SE Nigeria including creation of protected area(s), community outreach & education.

Training Opportunities: Project recruits non-national volunteers for one-year tenures. Persons with practical skills are encouraged to apply; minimum 25 years of age. Research by Nigerians and other habitat country students or researchers is encouraged. Field research at adjoining protected area, or of the captive drills and chimps, by non-nationals must show clear benefits to project and/or conservation locally., Financial aid considered for nationals of drill habitat countries only.

Number of Staff: 42-44

Associated Field Sites: Project is based wholly in Nigeria at permanent field site at Afi Mountain, Cross River State.

Supported Species: 73 Mandrillus leucophaeus (drill), 16 Pan troglodytes (common chimpanzee)

Publications: "Drill Ranch Newsletter"; "DRBC Annual Report"

Comments: Pandrillus is a Nigerian-registered trust which is also involved in operation of Limbe Wildlife Center in Cameroon.

Last Updated: 1999-03-29

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