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Primate Services (Bethesda and Poolesville) (Established 1988)
Animal Welfare Agency
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Director: Charmaine Foltz (Acting)
Phone: 1 (301) 402-3957  
9000 Rockville Pike, Building 14D, Room 301, Bethesda, Maryland 20892 UNITED STATES
Department: Division of Veterinary Resources
Institution: Office of Research Services
Affiliations: National Institutes of Health

Mission: To provide centralized professional and technical support to intramural research efforts using laboratory animals, including animal procurement, production, housing, husbandry, quarantine, diagnostic services, and a wide variety of professional services; To advise researchers on selection of appropriate animal models, animal health, nutrition, behavior, reproduction, and human care. Staff also participates in collaborative research.

Principal Research Programs: Aging; Infectious diseases; Cancer; Behavior; Drug and alcohol abuse; Transplantation

Last Updated: 2012-10-12

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