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Fauna Foundation (Established 1998)
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Phone: 1 (450) 658-1844   Fax: 1 (450) 658-2202   E-Mail:
P.O.Box 33, Chambly, Quebec J3L 1L6 CANADA

Mission: To provide sanctuary for unwanted animals. To educate and make the general public aware of what is happening to primates in research and in the wilds.

Principal Research Programs: Caring for chimpanzees retired from bio-medical research. These include eight that are H.I.V. infected and as far as we know these are the only ones that have been retired to a sanctuary.

Training Opportunities: Not available.

Supported Species: 14 Pan troglodytes (common chimpanzee)

Publications: "Fauna News" (3x per year)

Last Updated: 2002-10-26

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