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Primate Conservation Inc. (Established 1992)
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Director: Noel Rowe
Phone: 1 (401) 364-7140   Fax: 1 (401) 364-6785   E-Mail:
1411 Shannock Rd., Charlestown, Rhode Island 02813-3726 UNITED STATES

Mission: Primate Conservation, Inc. (PCI) supports field research on primate behavior, ecology and conservation on the least known and most endangered primates.

Training Opportunities: For the present, the least studied and/or most endangered species in Asia and Africa will be given priority for funding. All projects must have a conservation component to enhance the chances that the study population will survive. PCI awards grants of up to $5000 ($2200 on average) for field studies. These awards are for field expenses and conservation materials in habitat countries. Preference is given to applicants who have obtained matching grants from other organizations, who are associated with a university or other not-for-profit institution, and who involve local people in the habitat country in primate conservation activities. Priority will be given to research in previously unstudied habitats. Deadlines for applications to be received are February 1 and September 20. Grants are awarded May 15 and December 15 after signed contracts are received. Six-month reports, as well as a final report, and financial accounting, are required. Please check the website for most upto date deadlines and application materials.

Number of Staff: 2

Publications: Annual Newsletter call "PCI Update" which will be posted on the website.

Comments: Please check the website for most up to date deadlines and application materials.

Last Updated: 2009-05-23

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