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LSB Leakey Foundation (Established 1968)
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Bldg. #1003B, O'Reilly Ave., San Francisco, California 94129 UNITED STATES

Mission: The Leakey Foundation was established in the spirit of Louis and Mary Leakey, two of the century's great paleoanthropologists. The Foundation solicits funds, and in turn, awards grants for vital new research in all fields investigating human evolution. The Foundation pursues Leakey's vision of exploring human origins through a multidisciplinary science that seeks to understand our ancestors - the ecology of their times, their biology and culture, as well as the behavior of non-human primates. This multidisciplinary approach to human origins involves three primary areas in which the Foundation awards research grants: paleoanthropology, hunter-gatherers, and primate behavior. With the help of eminent scholars from around the world, the Foundation strives to encourage enthusiastic young scientists, to promote new technologies, and to support long-term studies conducted by established teams in all fields related to human evolution. Research funded by the Leakey Foundation has resulted in many of the seminal studies that comprise today's increasing bounty of knowledge about human prehistory.

Clientele: PhD candidates(ABD)and Post Doctoral researchers in the fields of Paleoanthropology and Primate behavior.

Training Opportunities: Each year we sponsor lectures and symposia which are open to the general public--most of these events are held in the Bay Area. For membership info, please e-mail .

Financial Aid: Our Baldwin Fellowship program offers $12,000 a year for up to 2 years to support students from countries which have resources related to human origins or evolution but which lack educational opportunities at the graduate level(Master's or PhD). Research must be relevant to human origins. Please consult the web site.

Number of Staff: 6

Publications: "AnthroQuest" newsletter (three times a year)

Comments: ALL research supported by the Leakey Foundation has explicit relevance to understanding human evolution--this should always be the primary aim of any studies for which applicants seek funding from the Leakey Foundation. It is important to contact the Foundation office for CURRENT deadlines, application, and guidelines before applying.

Last Updated: 2009-05-26

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