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Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program (July 1996-ongoing)
Field Study in Africa
Web Site:
Location of Site: EQUATORIAL GUINEA, Bioko Island

Director: Dr. Gail W. Hearn
Phone: 215-572-2991   Fax: 215-881-8758   E-Mail:
450 South Easton Road, Glenside, Pennsylvania 19038
Institution: Arcadia University

Sponsoring Institution(s): Arcadia University; Universidad Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial

Research Objectives: Long term (1990-present) measurement of primate densities on Bioko Island and record of bushmeat market sales (1997-present)

Field Positions and Volunteers: Field positions: (3) paid conservation coordinators; opportunities for citizens of Equatorial Guinea to work as forest patrols Volunteer positions: We take 10-12 volunteers (college students and adults) to assist on our 3-week, annual survey of large forest mammals in Bioko Island's Gran Caldera de Luba. For more information, see our website:

Species Studied: Cercopithecus erythrotis (red-eared guenon), Cercopithecus nictitans (greater spot-nosed monkey), Cercopithecus pogonias (crested mona), Cercopithecus preussi (Preuss's monkey), Colobus satanas (black colobus), Mandrillus leucophaeus (drill), Piliocolobus pennantii (Pennant's colobus)

Other Species at Site: Euoticus elegantulus (western needle-nailed bushbaby), Galago alleni (Allen's bushbaby), Galago demidoff (Prince Demidoff's bushbaby)

Last Updated: 2007-02-27

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