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University of Montana - Missoula
Animal Behavior Program

Educational Program
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Director: Wendy Shields, PhD
Phone: 1 (406) 243-4521   Fax: 1 (406) 243-6366   E-Mail:
Missoula, Montana 59812 UNITED STATES
Department: Department of Psychology
Institution: University of Montana - Missoula

Mission: The Animal Behavior Program in Psychology provides training for students interested in a career in research and teaching. The program offers students training in traditional animal learning, comparative psychology, and animal cognition. Focus is on high quality training with intensive student-faculty involvement in joint research. Students are expected to participate actively in research with faculty members throughout their tenure in the program. Each student will eventually develop advanced knowledge and research expertise in one or more of the animal behavior specialty areas. Opportunities for collaborative research on metacognition in rhesus monkeys (e.g., uncertainty monitoring, judgments of knowing, information seeking) exist through our partnership with the Language Research Center of Georgia State University where monkey participants are housed and tested.

Training Opportunities: A limited number of Research and Teaching assistantships are available; Graduate level

Number of Staff: 3

Supported Species: Macaca mulatta (rhesus macaque)

Last Updated: 2006-07-25

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