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University of Memphis
Department of Psychology
(Established 1985)
Educational Program

Phone: 1 (901) 678-2375   Fax: 1 (901) 678-2579  
Memphis, Tennessee 38152 UNITED STATES
Department: Department of Psychology
Institution: University of Memphis

Mission: Research is conducted in the context of graduate training (MS, PhD) in biopsychology. However, many undergraduates also become interested in the various research projects, and postdoctoral positions are available. A variety of types of behavior research with prosimian and simian primates is pursued with the current focus on our resident colony of small-eared bushbabies. Courses in psychology, biology and neurosciences are available.

Principal Research Programs: Research topics have included evolution of behavioral laterality sex ratio biases in prosimians, fishing in "Otolemur garnetti", dominant eye, headcocking in galagos, ontogenetic bases of laterality, individual differences in response to stress, and patterns of hand manipulation.

Training Opportunities: Educational opportunities available for: Undergraduate, Graduate; Field work opportunities available; Program emphasis: Behavior; Financial support usually available for graduate students, occasionally for undergraduates

Number of Staff: 1

Associated Field Sites: Field research is pursued at zoos and primate centers.

Supported Species: 12 Galago moholi (South African lesser bushbaby), 75 Otolemur garnettii (Garnett's galago)

Last Updated: 2000-08-01

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