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Kent State University
Experimental Psychology Program
(Established 1965)
Educational Program
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Director: John R. Graham
Phone: 1 (330) 672-2166   Fax: 1 (330) 673-3786   E-Mail:
118 Kent Hall, Kent, Ohio 44242-0001 UNITED STATES
Department: Department of Psychology
Institution: Kent State University

Mission: The Department of Psychology is located in Kent Hall, one of the older,
traditional-style buildings on the gently rolling, tree-covered front
campus. The Ph.D. programs in clinical and experimental psychology were
established in 1965 and have graduated over 300 students. The clinical
training program has been accredited continuously by the American
Psychological Association since 1968; its most recent site visit was in
1994 and resulted in another full five year accreditation.

Training Opportunities: The Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology is primarily a basic research
degree with a structure that reflects this orientation. However, a
number of faculty also conduct applied research and provide students
with applied experience. The Applied Psychology Center strengthens this
trend by facilitating and coordinating applied research and training
experiences in various aspects of psychology. The program offers
several areas of concentration, including cognitive, psychobiology,
social, and health psychology. The program has graduated over 100
Ph.D.s since 1967. Most of these graduates are employed in colleges and
universities across the country, where they are engaged in teaching and
research. A growing number of graduates have pursued more applied goals
and are employed in research institutes, laboratories, and human
service settings. The chief aim of the program is to provide students
with the skills and knowledge necessary to attain their own goals as
teachers and researchers in psychology. All graduate students in the
experimental program are eligible to receive financial support, usually
in the form of a graduate assistantship, which is viewed as an integral
part of the program. Both teaching and research skills are advanced by
the graduate assistantships. Through a research assignment, students
are involved directly in research with faculty. In later years,
students develop teaching skills through teaching undergraduate
psychology classes.

Last Updated: 1998-03-30

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