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Scottish Primate Research Group (Established 1987)
Educational Program
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Affiliations: Universities of St. Andrews, Stirling, Abertay and Edinburgh

Mission: Postgraduate research: Social behavior; Vocal and gestural communication; Behavioral ecology; Feeding skills; Manipulation and manual laterality; Social learning; Ontogeny; Personality; Theory of mind; Machiavellian Intelligence; Polyspecific associations; Welfare; Environmental enrichment; Conservation.

Emphasis on field studies of African primates; Collaboration with European and U.S. primate centers in behavioral experiments with captive populations.

Training Opportunities: Inquire by letter (see website). Postgraduate Training, financial support sometimes available; Field work opportunities available, but doctoral places also depend on vacancies at field sites, so not available every year. Program emphasis: Social behavior; Social learning; Development; Behavioral ecology; Intelligence; Foraging.

Number of Staff: 15

Associated Field Sites: Budongo Forest Project: Prof Klaus Zuberbuhler, School of Psychology, University of St Andrews, KY16 9JP, Scotland.
Field research on chimpanzees and other forest species.

Living Links to Human Evolution : Prof Andrew Whiten, School of Psychology, University of St Andrews, KY16 9JP, Scotland.
Captive primate research and public education in science at Edinburgh Zoo.

Comments: We span 4 Scottish universities, but should really be considered as a unit. The Scottish Primate Research Group is an informal consortium between the Universities of Edinburgh, Stirling, Abertay and St. Andrews

Last Updated: 2009-05-25

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