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University of Liverpool
Primate Evolution and Morphology Research Group
(Established 1986)
Educational Program
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Director: Professor Robin Huw Crompton
Phone: 44 (151) 794-5498 or 5500   Fax: 44 (151) 794-5517   E-Mail:
PO Box 147 Sherrington Buildings, Liverpool, England L69 3GE UNITED KINGDOM
Department: Department of Human Anatomy and Cell Biology
Institution: University of Liverpool

Mission: Research primate and hominid functional morphology and evolution, primate ecology and conservation.

Principal Research Programs: Biomechanics of mastication; Biomechanics of bipedalism in hominoids; Ecology of "Lepilemur" and "Avahi"; Ecology and conservation of "Varecia"; Early hominid phylogeny; Early modern hominid evolution

Training Opportunities: Ph.D. studies in primate functional morphology, primate ecology, early hominid evolution, under grants from UK Natural Environment Research Council and Science and Engineering Research Council.; B.Sc. honors degree in human biology and anatomy

Number of Staff: 18

Last Updated: 2003-03-05

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