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Psychiatry and Clinical Psychobiology Department
Primate Behavior Research Group
(Established 1986)
Educational Program

Director: Jordi Sabater Pi
Phone: 43 (3) 4021080   Fax: 43 (3) 4021584   E-Mail:
Campus de la Vall d'Hebron, Passeig de la Vall d'Hebron 171, Barcelona, Barcelona 08035 SPAIN
Department: Faculty of Psychology
Institution: Psychiatry and Clinical Psychobiology Department
Affiliations: Barcelona Zoological Park

Mission: Research and teaching in primate behavior

Principal Research Programs: Primate cognition (self-awareness, social learning, toll behavior); Manual laterality; Social behavior and ecology of great apes and diverse species of monkeys (Mandrillus, Cercocebus)

Training Opportunities: We offer a one year program in an extensive variety of aspects (methods, ecology, evolution) of primate behavior. Graduate students in this program will take courses and will engage in research; Financial aid is occasionally available for University of Barcelona students only.; Students are encouraged to participate in current research. Program emphasis: behavioral ecology and behavior; laterality; tool use; cognitive abilities; parental behavior; and conservation. We also offer undergraduate courses in Primate Ethology as part of the bachelor's degree in Psychology. More information:

Number of Staff: 8

Associated Field Sites: Ecology, behaviour and conservation in Alouatta palliata. Tuxtlas (Veracruz,Mexico).

Last Updated: 2007-02-28

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