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University of Delhi (now retired)
Primate Studies
(Established 1948)
Educational Program

Director: Professor P.K. SETH
Phone: 91-11-26693205   E-Mail:
Delhi, NCT of Delhi 110007 INDIA
Department: Anthropology
Institution: University of Delhi (now retired)

Mission: Behaviour studies of free ranging rhesus monkeys

Principal Research Programs: Population dynamics and social behavior; biochemical genetics and cytogenetics

Number of Staff: 25

Associated Field Sites: Our field sites include most of north and north-central India: villages, temples, urban areas, road sides, forests etc. Professor P.K. SETH, 106 Navjiwan Vihar, New Delhi-110017. Tel: 91-11-26693205; e-mail:

Supported Species: Macaca mulatta (rhesus macaque)

Comments: We both have retired from the University now. However, we are still available for any help, guidance, supervision for primate studies.

Last Updated: 2009-05-25

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