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Roehampton University, London
Biological Anthropology
(Established 1996)
Educational Program
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Phone: +44 (0)020 8392 3232   E-Mail:
School of Human and Life Sciences, Holybourne Avenue SW15 4JD UNITED KINGDOM
Department: School of Human & Life Sciences
Institution: Roehampton University, London

Mission: Anthropology at Roehampton includes the study of both biological (or physical) and social (or cultural) anthropology. Students may also take a combined honours degeee in either Biological Anthropology or Social Anthropology combined with a second subject. In the first year single honours Anthropology students are introduced to a broad range of contemporary issues relating to the methods and practice of all aspects of anthropological research. Students may then specialize in biological or social anthropology or may choose to carry on with a broad-based degree. Specialist modules include Human evolution, Paleoanthropology, Behavioural Ecology, Primate Biology, Human Evolutionary Psychology, The Ecology of Hunter -Gatherer peoples and Ethnobotany. For those with a more biological background there are also modules in animal ecology & conservation and animal biology. We also offer masters courses, including an MRes in Primatology.

Principal Research Programs: Primate Socioecology, Human -animal interactions, Comparative primate endochrinology, Human Evolution

Training Opportunities: British students can apply for the normal level of undergraduate funding. Overseas students may be able to obtain funding for short visits (of 6 months or a year) if their institution is a part of an international exchange scheme.

Associated Field Sites: Gashaka Gumpti National Park, Nigeria (collaboration with University College London)

Comments: see our web page for more information on our undergraduate course And for our Masters course in primatology see:

Last Updated: 2006-04-20

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