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Centre for Human Biology (Established 1989)
Primate Center, Lab or Research Program

Director: James S Chisholm
Phone: 61 (8) 9380-3290   Fax: 61 (9) 380-1051  
Nedlands, Western Australia 6907 AUSTRALIA
Department: Department of Anatomy and Human Biology
Institution: University of Western Australia

Mission: The broad mission of the Centre for Human Biology is to foster the discipline of human biology where this relates to research, education and human welfare in general. Specifically, it fosters collaborative research projects, initiatives at all levels of the educational sector and the production and dissemination of information to government bodies, industry, and the general public.

Principal Research Programs: Evolution of Old World Monkeys, particularly those of Asia; Morphology, behavior and environment: dynamic interactions in primates; Primate niche-metrics; Associations between biomolecular and morphometric studies of primates.; Studies of craniofacial morphogenesis using a new, high resolution replica technique with the scanning electron microscope; Studies on the manifestations and mechanisms of development of sexual dimorphism in the craniofacial complex and dentition of primates; Interpreting the biomechanical, social and ecological correlates of vertebral column anatomy in apes and humans; Relationship of bone structure to environmental influences.

Number of Staff: 14

Last Updated: 2000-08-07

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